After being out the rap game for nearly a decade, the female that stood tall and asked “Who you calling a bit*h?,” has returned.

Steeping onto the scene, Latifah ignited feminism in her rapping and released her first album “All Hail the Queen” in ’89 which included the woman’s anthem “Ladies First.”

Known for her rapping in the late 80’s until 2000, Latifah made a shift in music from 2003 to 2007 and began to generally sing in soul and jazz music standards. In her transition to singing, she had released The Dana Owens Album and Trav’lin Light.

Queen Latifah, while at the 15th annual Essence Musical Festival in New Orleans, stated that she is very excited about her upcoming project that will be released in August. Being titled, Persona, her latest effort will be influenced by other genres like rock, dance and reggae. It will, of course, have plenty of Hip-Hop soaked in it as well.

The lead single will be “Cue the Rain.” Production has been partially done by Dr. Dre and Latifah is reported to also be working with Missy Elliot.

In bringing herself back to the Hip-Hop realm, Latifah, 39, also plans to rejuvenate the female rapper scene which has been long lost and over saturated with frequent over-sexed driven female sex kittens lacking real mic skills. Up to now, the game has been dominated and powered by the male MCs spanning to far back to even remember when the female MC was relevant.

Outside of music, Latifah has been very busy. Her latest animated film “Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs,” premiered and tied with the Transformers sequel this weekend banking $42.5 million. She has also been producing films, managing her own CoverGirl cosmetics line and basking in the benefits of Jenny Craig.

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