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“I’m the new phenomenon like white women with ass” — Ludacris

The past few years have seen Hollywood and the rest of the media finally catch on to what entices a lot of Black men when analyzing the fairer sex.

It’s that glorious backside.

And it’s not just a fascination that narrows down to one color or creed. All women (and some men) have become more aware of their rear end and the motto seems to be the bigger the better.

A recent rise in appealing backshot selfies haven’t all come courtesy of numerous squats in the gym. Studies are showing that more people are turning to butt injections to boost their booty. And it’s not always a respectable doctor doing the needle sticking either. For the right price and promise, plenty of underground and uncertified black market operations are willing to give it a try.

Of course the failure to read the small print (if there is one) always leads to larger problems.

VICE conducted an extensive probe in the underground market of ass shots and the findings are pretty shocking but not all that surprising. In an image driven culture, such as Rick Ross’ favorite King of Diamond strip club hangout, girls will do whatever it takes to get ahead. Even if means watching one cheek droop lower than the other.

Watch VICE’s video over at their site where they conduct interviews with the strippers who had a few butt injections gone wrong located in the gallery.

Photo: Ben Rosenzweig, Vice

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