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Kobe Bryant may be able to outstunt the biggest ballers of the NBA with a $750 haircut but he still isn’t above giving the future leaders of tomorrow a life lesson or two.

The Los Angeles Laker star surprised a marketing class at Boston College yesterday, January 16 when he sat in on their lecture shortly after his name was mentioned.

Reports CBS Boston:

B.C. spokesman Jack Dunn said Professor Nick Nugent was teaching the first class of the semester when an “unexpected guest” walked into his classroom.

“I had just begun the class with an example of the how the NBA is a model of successful international marketing and how Kobe Bryant is its biggest star, when suddenly the door opened and in walked Kobe,” Nugent said in a statement Friday. “It was surreal.”

Bryant stayed for two hours, posted for pics and autographed every piece of paper sent his way. Seeing that it was the first class of the semester and he’ll be in street clothes when his struggle Lakers face off against the Celtics tonight, the distraction wasn’t such a big deal. He may be back in time for the All-Star Game, however.

He also shared his message of inspiration with his Twitter followers saying “Learn. Learn. Learn. thank you #BC #internationalmarketing Education never stops.”

Wise words from a man who went straight to the pros from high school. Maybe he should have split some of that time with their basketball as they’re currently holding a record of 5-12.

Hit the flip to see pics of Kobe posing with the marketing class.

Photo: Boston College, Twitter

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