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Thirty-five years ago, the infamous Lufthansa Heist transpired at New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. The caper netted the criminals nearly $6M and went on to inspire the classic mob flick Goodfellas, directed by Martin Scorsese.

Today, it all came full circle as the FBI arrested five individuals including 78-year-old Vincent Asaro who federal agents are saying was a key member in the “clean-up efforts” surrounding the heist. Capish?

Reports CBS:

WCBS reports Vincent Asaro, one of the five arrested today, allegedly helped pull off the Lufthansa robbery.

Among other charges, the 78-year-old Asaro is also accused of strangling Paul Katz when Katz was suspected of cooperating with law enforcement, authorities said. Also charged Thursday were Jermone Asaro, Jack Bonventure, Thomas Di Fiore and John Ragano, authorities told WCBS.

In 1978 thieves took $5 million in cash and nearly a million dollars’ worth of jewels from the vaults of Lufthansa at JFK. The cash and jewelry were never recovered. Only one man was ever prosecuted in connection with the robbery: Louis Werner, an airport employee and inside informant.

Fans of the movie may remember Robert Deniro’s character killing the entire team of criminals off to distance himself from the heist and Asaro is the only one left on the outside. The New York Post spoke to Asaro’s neighbor, Anthony Conte, 58, who defended the alleged gangster saying, “he’s a nice man.”

Well, aren’t all wiseguys?

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