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The Chicago Police Department just thwarted one man’s effort to get the entire city high as they uncovered nearly 350 pounds of marijuana at his residence.

Authorities are saying that 22-year-old Miguel A. Briseno was an extreme person of interest after they garnered information from sources at a traffic stop in mid-January. Acting on those tips, police searched his home and seized $1M worth of Mary Jane.

Reports Chicago Tribune:

Authorities have charged Miguel A. Briseno, who lives in the home that was searched, with one count of felony cannabis possession.

Police said a Jan. 14 traffic stop by Deering District tactical officers helped lead them to the Ashburn home. Officers recovered nearly two pounds of marijuana during the traffic stop, which happened in the 4300 block of South Princeton Avenue in the Fuller Park neighborhood.

Briseno is expected to appear in bond court Sunday.

The world’s most famous Chicagoan in President Barack Obama recently stated that weed isn’t any more dangerous than consuming alcohol but that still doesn’t make it legal.

There is no indication if Briseno was operating alone but this is generally the time when offers are sprung up to round up everyone involved.

In the meantime, hit the gallery to see the “dope on the table” © The Wire.

Photo: Chicago Police Department

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