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The healthcare system in the United States has long been the target of scrutiny but the case of 30-year-old John Verrier has raised some serious red flags all across the board.

He simply checked himself into Saint Barnabas Hospital’s emergency room after complaining of a rash.

Eight hours later, he was dead.

Via ABCLocal:

The patient, a 30-year-old man walked into St. Barnabas Hospital’s Emergency Room Sunday night around 10 p.m. complaining about a rash. His vitals were taken and he was told to sit in the packed waiting room until his name was called. At 6:40 the next morning, he was found by a security guard, dead in a waiting room chair.

“He was found stiff blue and cold.” “He was there for a while,” said a hospital worker.

The ER worker says if the hospital fails to face up to its mistakes, they will happen again.

“In healthcare, I understand it’s a business but if people are dying under your watch, something has to be done,” he said.

The report also begins stating how Saint Barnabas Hospital is very good at what they do.

Whether ABC is looking not to burn bridges or looking out for employees not involved in this incident, it is not going to bode well for anyone who has a case of the sniffles in the near future.

Hit the gallery to see pics of the late John Verrier and the hospital, just in case you want to make a detour if you live in the area.

Photo: ABCLocal, Facebook

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