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No matter how big the gap in time is between certain popular films, fans will always demand sequels for some of their most beloved characters. The Best Man Holiday was 14 years behind is precessor yet still managed to give box-office shoe-in Thor: The Dark World a serious run for its money upon release.

In 2002, Nick Cannon helped bring Black college marching bands to the limelight with his cult classic Drumline. Twelve years later, he drops on a bombshell on Charlamagne And Friends announcing that there has been confirmation for a sequel.

Sensing that it was in the works, Charlamagne pulled Nick’s coats to the progress of the studio getting the deal done and the Wild ‘N Out star had no problem responding saying, “They’re probably going to get mad at me but I can announce it now. It’s officially happening!”

In the original film, Cannon starred as a rebellious teen who possessed more raw talent than his line leaders as he dealt with the growing pains of being a new college student along the way. Of course, for him to pick up right where he left off with the obvious aging in his attributes, would be a little silly.

When Charlamagne cynically asked was he really going to try to pass for a college student 10+ years after the fact, Nick downplayed the notion stating he would serve as producer and the movie’s greater purpose is to jumpstart the Drumline television show.

“My whole goal is to do the Drumline TV show so this movie then goes into the storyline to what the TV show is about,” he continued.

Check out the rest of the exclusive clip below and catch the full Nick Cannon appearance tonight at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV2.

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