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If you are enrolled in college and are considering joining a fraternity or sorority, you might want to familiarize yourself with the values of the organization before you pledge. Some of the brothers of Sigma Chi at the College of William & Mary are clearly living that creep life.

In an email titled “Life, love, and p***y,” a Sigma Chi brother provides his fras a very sexist manifesto to tackle the upcoming school semester. Amongst the many crass ideologies presented is the message declaring females to be a lesser sex: “Now, raise your gaze from the footwear up, allow your eyes to wander from the feet up the long and slender legs of the lesser sex until finally you arrive at God’s greatest gift: the box.”

Also addressed is the new definition of the 1 percent. “That vagina needs you. Never mind the extremities that surround it, the 99% of horrendously illogical bullsh-t that makes up the modern woman, consider only the 1%, the snatch.”

And finally, a “save the sluts” community outreach program is outlined. “I’m losing sleep at night thinking of all the p—ies crying out for a good f— and not getting it, so I’m reaching out to you all in a time of need to initiate my community outreach program: Save the Sluts.”

The message was sent over Zeta Upsilon Chapter’s listserv and eventually leaked online. Since the email went public the president of Sigma Chi has released an official statement:

“We deeply regret the message that was sent through our listserv encouraging actions that are inconsistent with our values as Sigma Chis. The message was disrespectful toward women, and that is not who we are as a chapter. We have moved to suspend the individual who was responsible for the message and International Fraternity leaders are taking action to ensure proper disciplinary measures are taken. Rest assured that we are also voluntarily taking an internal review of our membership, to be sure that our chapter is comprised only of men of the highest character. Until then, we have voluntarily and proactively ceased normal chapter operations.”

While the culprit has yet to be identified, this is not the first time a fraternity or sorority organization has been shamed by one of its’ chapters. You view the email in full at

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Photo: Sigma Chi