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Captain & Tennille may have called it quits but the only thing Ice-T and Coco are annulling is their reality show with E!, Ice Loves Coco.

Now the couple, who have been married for 12 years, are eyeing a more credible form of daytime entertainment with a new reality show via the almighty hands of Ryan Seacrest Productions.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

The rapper-actor announced on Tuesday via his podcast that he and his wife, Coco Austin, are currently developing a talk show with Ryan Seacrest Productions.

“We stopped the Ice Loves Coco show to move to another show — we have another show in the works with Ryan Seacrest,” he noted on the third episode of Ice-T: Final Level, co-hosted with Mick Benzo. “It’s, well, let’s say it’s more of a talk-show setting. That’s all I can say right now…We have done a deal with Ryan Seacrest Productions to put a new show out.”

The veteran rapper/actor also went on to explain how he personally felt the show had run its course, saying “I’m not doing no dumb shit, we don’t throw drinks in each other’s faces; you can only do so much with reality TV.”

Well put from a 25-year-man of the industry. Let’s just hope the Marrows don’t get themselves into some Couples Therapy struggle.

Photo: Al Powers of Powers Imagery LLC