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Veteran rapper Scarface has just seen a week-long scare come to a close as his son, Brandon Jordan turned up in Los Angeles’ Leimart Park area in reportedly good condition after he stormed out of his home without warning on Wednesday, January 29.

The 20-year-old, who is diagnosed with autism, is said to be an aspiring musician like his father and is studying music at West Lost Angeles College.

Reports ABC:

Rapper Scarface’s missing son has been located and is in good condition, authorities said on Thursday morning.

Brandon Jordan hadn’t been seen or heard from since Jan. 29 when he stormed out of his Leimert Park home.

“He just got agitated, didn’t want to talk about it no more, and just stormed out of the house with nothing,” said his mother Melissa Lollis.

His loved ones posted fliers at his favorite places throughout the area, as well as at West Los Angeles College, where he’s studying music.

The story breeds similarity to the case of New York teen Avonte Oquendo, who wandered off from his school in late October. His dismembered remains were eventually found scattered along a Queens shoreline a couple of weeks ago.

Police made no mention on where Jordan was found in the report. Pictures of the young Geto Boy can be found on the following pages.

Photo: ABC7

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