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There has been quite an epidemic going on as of late in regards to rappers and athletes being called for their bad choice in decision and facing prison time.

Not since Shyne and his 10 year sentence has Hip Hop been under such a microscope by the law and received such heavy penalties.

L.O.X. member Styles P is one that has seen the cell when he was arrested and served an 8 month bid at the Valhalla Correctional Facility in upstate New York back in 2002.  Doing time for stabbing a man in the buttocks, the rapper is one that used his time incarcerated to reflect and make sure that he never stood inside a cell again.

Styles P recently caught up with HipHopWired and gave his opinion on rappers getting caught up by the law as of late and stating that every man must be aware of their movements.

To answer your question truthfully, you got to watch what you do nowadays.   People, every man is responsible for their own actions, but people have got to remember most of the time, the justice system doesn’t really work too fair, I really don’t know, that ain’t for me to judge.”

He even added more on his own situation, but wasn’t sure if the sudden spur had any hidden meaning with the government.

I’ve been through that situation I understand that life has its ups and downs, you got trials and tribulations, there’s a reason behind everything, I really don’t know what’s going on, everybody got to be safe and you got to watch your movements and watch what you’re doing.

It’s no longer enough to be famous and think that money will keep ignorant actions under the rug.  People must be willing to make better decisions and accept the fact that no man can escape consequences.