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Another day, another struggle is becoming an old adage for MC, Azealia Banks. Today, she announced that her Soundcloud page has been deleted after two previous red flags on songs posted.

These days, Twitter has become the proverbial podium that artist use when they want attention. Banks followed suit, saying “So I got a third copyright infringement on my soundcloud via ‘f**k up the fun’ and they terminated my account. All 2million followers, gone.”

It appears that she was more upset over losing the stans she’s amassed over time than one of her largest music platforms tanking.

However, we’re confused as to why a song of hers was flagged on her Soundcloud page. Perhaps this has something to do with Banks being in label limbo after publicly dissing and begging Universal to drop her. The label could be the proverbial Jim Jones to her Max B, which is ironic with her being from Harlem in all.

Nevertheless, while it seems like the New Yorker can’t get a break, we’d like if she directed all disdain to a recording booth. Banks has the obvious talent.

At least she has a sense of humor, as her follow-up tweet read, “Way to f**k up the fun , lol.”

Expect Azealia Banks’ Soundcloud page to make a return to the Internets soon. History suggests that her next venting session on Twitter could happen just as quickly.

Peep the tweets, as well as her excitement over making a Forbes list in the gallery.

[Spotted at Idolator]


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