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Funnyman Stephen Colbert and his popular The Colbert Report show with Comedy Central is good for poking fun at the political happenings of the world. A recent video, that parent company Viacom begged the host not to air, features a hilarious cartoon pairing of President Barack Obama and the Ku Klux Klan joining forces to fight an alien enemy. Give us a chance to explain.

Colbert opened up the clip as part of his so-called Black History Month coverage and recapped a story of a pair of Tea Party members who doubled as members of the KKK. The men were caught seeking funds from Jewish groups to fund building a death ray that would kill Muslims. Colbert, never missing a moment for a joke, remarked on the fact that the KKK members overcame their hate of Jews to take down another threat to their racist mission.

The cartoon “Laser Klan” was nearly not aired as Comedy Central’s parent company Viacom didn’t think it’d be a great idea for Colbert to air it during Black History Month. As expected, Colbert went ahead anyway with the cartoon and it’s one for the ages.

From President Obama ordering the Laser Klan to take down the alien threat, to the KKK members using a Paula Deen bust statue as a telephone, there’s a whole lot happening.

Check out the “Laser Klan clip below from Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report. Let us know what you though in the comments.

Photo: The Colbert Show