A Rockville, Maryland woman was testified against by her own daughter Thursday after the girl says her “ex-mother” beat and killed her two sisters before housing their bodies in a freezer.

Renee Bowman is on trial in Montgomery County for the deaths of her two adopted special needs daughters Minnet Cecila Bowman and Jasmine Nicole Bowman.

Her 9-year-old daughter appeared in court Thursday to testify against the woman she calls her “ex-mother.”

The girl told the jury that she and her two sisters were kept in a locked room and given a bucket to use for a bathroom.

She also says that the woman would often beat them with a shoe and a baseball bat on their buttocks and crotch before choking them.

The two adopted daughters were killed three years ago at the ages of 8 and 9.

When police caught Bowman they found the bodies of the two girls in a portable freezer she carried around with her while she collected subsidies from the District of Columbia for adopting special needs children.

The young girl, who now lives with foster parents, says when she asked what happened to Minnet and Jasmine, Bowman told her that they left her behind because she was “stupid and dumb and they didn’t want to see her anymore.”

She has already been sentenced to 25 years for abusing the young girl.

SMH….put her under the jail.

This woman is sick.

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