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Pardon the alliteration but Houston has been a Hip-Hop hub since Hollis broke through on MTV.

Now that Devi Dev is ridin’ dirty and molded H-Town’s 93.7 The Beat to be the #1 program on Clear Channel, the 717 has a lot of rap talk to bleed through the airwaves.

The Legendary Geto Boys (sans Scarface), Paul Wall, Johnny “TV” Dang and Lil Keke crash landed on The Beat last night, March 3 to discuss the extensive roots of their city’s culture and to promote their Welcome To H-Town concert.

Starting with the most active rapper on hand, Devi Dev asked the iced-out stunner, “When you were a ‘little Wall’ growing up, what was your favorite record to listen to,” which was immediately replied with “It’s goin’ down, and you know it’s goin’ down/All these playas comin’ up out that H-Town!!!,” a nod to Paul Weezy’s undisputed favorite rapper, Lil Keke.

A public appearance from Bushwick Bill is hard to come by these days but the rogue Geto Boy made a grand entrance at the tail end of the clip. When asked about his favorite thing about living in his beloved city, the veteran MC stated the fact the city was a “melting pot” for music, regardless if it gets mentioned.

This much Hip-Hop lineage in one radio session is not a penny short of priceless. Check out the video below and follow @DeviDev on Twitter to stay down with the H-Town.

Photo: 93.7 The Beat