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ESPN’s Stuart Scott has been one of the most reliable on-air personalities for the cable sports and media network. However, Scott is currently facing a series of challenges related to his ongoing battle with cancer although he’s fighting the disease with admirable tenacity.

The New York Times profiled Scott,48, in an informative piece about the host’s battle with appendiceal cancer, a rare form of the disease. Scott is unwavering in the face of his condition, using mixed martial arts to supplement his traditional medical treatment. Looking gaunt but extremely fit, Scott is bravely taking on the challenge of defeating cancer.

From the New York Times:

Scott’s fight continues. He has had 58 infusions of chemotherapy. He recently switched to a pill. But the drugs have not fully arrested the cancer that struck first in 2007, when his appendix was removed. It returned four years later. And it came back again last year. Each recurrence seems more dire, and yet after each, Scott has returned to his high-profile work at ESPN, ensuring that his private fight has become a public one.

Friends, family, colleagues and strangers ask how he is faring. Yet Scott, 48, says he does not want to know his prognosis.

“I never ask what stage I’m in,” he said recently over lunch. “I haven’t wanted to know. It won’t change anything to me. All I know is that it would cause more worry and a higher degree of freakout. Stage 1, 2 or 8, it doesn’t matter. I’m trying to fight it the best I can.”

The entire piece is worth a read, which details how Scott turns a reluctant eye on his prognosis while trying his best to remain normal as possible. Scott, the father of two teenage daughters, has the name of his children on his mouthpiece when he’s performing his martial arts workouts.

It also apparent in the piece he’s determined to live for his children and other loved ones as well as can be expected for a man in his condition.

Photo: ESPN