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Footage posted earlier captured a very upset 2 Chainz expressing displeasure with his stage time being cut short during a performance last night at the Def Jam 30 show at SXSW. If him mentioning receiving the ax too soon in front of the crowd wasn’t enough, here’s more footage of the rap star’s reaction to his microphone being cut off not once, but twice.

The first occurrence happened while he was performing “Where U Been?” with Cap 1’s assistance. Needless to say that the Hair Weave Killer was livid, so he tossed the mic in the air and exited, stage left, à la his best Snagglepuss reenactment. The crowd called the Atlanta back to the stage at the DJs orders, only for him to return and the same thing happen again.

We can only imagine what happened once 2 Chainz got backstage. See the footage below thanks to the good folks at Skee TV.

Photo: YouTube