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Damon Dash is being sue by his baby mama, but that’s only part of this story. Linda Williams (the mother of Dash’s namesake son, “Boogie”) testified yesterday (March 13), which tangentially led to the Roc-a-fella founder calling the press racists. 

Five years ago, Williams was arrested after Dash accused her of harassment and she detailed her trip to the bing in court.

Reports Page Six:

“They had me cuffed and treated me like a criminal,” Dash’s ex, Linda Williams, 49, said through tears during testimony in a $1 million civil case against Dash, 42.

“I was in that jail cell. It was scary. The food was horrible,” she said of the 2009 incident.

Dash had claimed Williams sent him 20 harassing e-mails, violating a 2001 family court order not to contact him.

But Williams says she only communicated with Dash about their son, Damon “Boogie” Dash Jr., and claims Dash had her arrested to prevent Jr. from getting a protection order against his father.

Sometime after this Dash directed his ire at a couple of court reporters.

The trial appeared to unhinge a scowling Dash, who repeatedly tried to provoke Post reporter Julia Marsh, until he was yelled at by Judge Louis B. York, “Leave that woman alone!”

“I can’t look? There’s nothing wrong with looking,” Dash argued back.

The Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder later fled the courtroom, calling the press “racists,” then waited outside to videotape reporters while yelling, “Why don’t they ever write good stories about black men? They’re racists!” as he stalked the journos for two blocks.

Dash is no doubt referring to the numerous stories about his financial trouble. But hey, Hip-Hop Wired did cover an art exhibit he hosted at his gallery this past weekend.

That was a positive and good story, right?

But wait, there is video of Dash going at the reporter(s). See below.

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