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While we have yet to get all the facts on who killed both Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G., there is another theory being thrown in the ring. This time it is coming from former “friends” of Suge Knight.

Lloyd Lake has enjoyed success in the the entertainment industry but really came to fame in 2008 during the Reggie Bush probes. A former friend to Suge Knight, Lake now is trying to raise some new questions about the murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace in a documentary tentatively titled Justice For Tupac & Biggie.

Lake and former head of DeathRow Records security Reggie Wright allege that Suge Knight has been a long time government informant that is being used to promote dissension within the Hip-Hop. The film goes into detail of how the government has turned a blind eye to Knight’s criminal activities and glaring evidence associating him to both aforementioned murders.

“The fact that 17 years has gone by without anyone being prosecuted and there are multiple related shootings and deaths connected with Tupac’s murder for which no one has been charged, this forces us to look at the glaring fact that the legal system failed. It’s my goal with this documentary to put not only those involved on trial but to reveal the shameful cover up and reveal the truth and facts in the case,” says Lloyd Lake.

Currently Justice For Tupac & Biggie is a Kickstarter project. Once the goal of $150,000.00 is met, the film will be released to the public. The documentary was produced and directed by Takashi Bufford who has worked on major motion pictures including Booty Call, Set it off, and House Party 3.

You can see the trailer to Lloyd Lake’s documentary below. Do you think there is credence to Lloyd Lake’s theory? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section; we’re interested to hear them.

Photo: Justice For Tupac & Biggie