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The history of rapper’s expressing themselves with their appearance has long moved past the clothing face in a crossed into the world’s infatuation with human ink.

Whether it’s lyrics, Bible verses, portraits of family members (or themselves), Hip-Hop has pretty much seen every type of self-gratifying tattoo job.

Including the ones that mark up rappers faces.

Over the years, rapper face tattoos have jumped the ghetto shark of the standard tattoo tears and entered unchartered waters. There are full-blown messages, Lucky Charms stars, gang insignias and obviously, evidenced from the picture above, glow-in-the-dark art. Mind you, we’re still talking about the face.

Hip-Hop Wired has round up 20 outrageously different, ugly, strange and crazy face tattoos from some of the most recognizable figures in the game today. If you notice a trend in the gallery, it’s all composed of the newer generation.


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