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Every rapper has a unique story to tell and that goes for double when the rapper in question just happens to be a female.

Nitty Scott, MC reps The New York Tri-State Area these days but her tumultuous journey in becoming a noticeable rap presence has been featured all over the map. As she preps her new album The Art of Chill, she’s cleaning out the skeletons in her closet, revealing some of her darkest moments, including being sexually abused as a child.

Via HipHopDX:

“It’s always a family member or an authority figure, somebody that you trust, typically,” Nitty says. ”It was definitely an authority figure. [It was] somebody that I trusted, and I think when it happens that way, it definitely messes up your idea of trust, and your ability to trust. But, as an adult that is not responsible for my past, but completely responsible for the present and the future, that’s something that I’ve had to work on and build because it definitely instills a feeling of distrust in you, that you just grow up with. You know, a part of all of the therapy and music is about unlearning those bad habits, and those bad truths, and not allowing things that are beyond your control, that you didn’t ask for, to literally rob you of your present joy.

“That’s what makes it so dangerous,” Scott continues, adding that she was sexually abused by a family member and at least one other person. “It’s usually a person when guards are down, and it occurs to somebody that the victim might have a conflict with even accusing them of that, or being honest about that because of the person’s relationship. It really happens way too often.”

Nitty also says that by the age of 17, she begin having mental breakdowns and was eventually diagnosed with clinical depression in 2009. Like most kids lost in a struggle, she turned to Hip-Hop to cope with her pain, eventually turning on her microphone as a catharsis. Her music video for 2013’s “Skippin’ Clouds” flirted with the dark side of the force a bit, and now she’s fully ready to unleash the rest of the beast within.

Her first single from The Art of Chill features TDE’s own Ab-Soul and can be heard right here.