The studio film “Breakin'” opened in early May 1984, it became an instant box office hit and its soundtrack shot up the Billboard charts. In late May, the Fat Boys self-titled debut LP was released and it would become another Gold record and another crucial win for the burgeoning art form. Kurtis Blow’s singles “AJ Scratch” and “8 Million Stories” off of his 5th LP Ego Trip had the streets but it was his single “Basketball” that broke into Billboard’s Hot 100.  In early June 1984, the Harry Belafonte produced film “Beat Street” opened and became yet another box-office hit complete with a hot soundtrack album.

There were B-Boys present at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Michael Holman (who was an associate producer on “Beat Street”) got a pilot for a show about Hip-Hop culture aired on national TV called “Graffiti Rock” later that same month which aired in different markets at different times over the next two or three weeks. The B-Boying themed after school special “The Pilot” aired in September 1984 and was played repeatedly for a year afterwards. In October 1984, Whodini’s sophomore album Escape dropped containing the hits “Five Minutes Of Funk”, “Big Mouth”, “Freaks Come Out At Night” & “Friends” which cracked the elusive Billboard Hot 100 charts.

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