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Who knew that Clipse’s No Malice and Pusha T loved to pull at fans’ heartstrings? The likelihood of new album from the Virginia duo has been the topic of discussion for some time, but the older of the brothers Thorton laid that to rest during a discussion with RapZilla at SXSW in Austin, Tex.

“People keep asking me about this Clipse album. I’ve been very clear. I’ve been very consistent from the beginning. I don’t know why I have to keep answering this question, but I don’t do that music anymore,” No Malice said in a fit of frustration.

Citing that monotony isn’t a sign of growth, the Virginia native explained that he never plans to make another Clipse project. Sorry guys.

Like past times he’s spoken on hitting the studio with his brother again, fans are probably holding on to that last ounce of hope that No Malice is bluffing. But here’s some advice folks. Build a bridge and get over the idea of another Clipse LP ever releasing.

Besides, with No Malice clearly in a different head space (much different than his previous religious disposition), the project wouldn’t be comparable to the duo’s classics from yesteryear anyway. Hear No Malice speak below.

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