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Dennis Rodman must have realized that his cupboard filled with troll bait was growing bare so he’s decided to re-up to put himself once in the news again. After thoroughly embarrassing the U.S. of A during his North Korea basketball game –complete with a throaty birthday serenade to dictator Kim Jong-un–he played another overseas game dressed in drag for the Argentina leg of the Legends of Basketball Tour.

Rodman sported dark lipstick, a blonde mohawk, eyeliner and his trademark hoop earrings as his teammates feigned notice.

Via Bleacher Report:

Dennis Rodman has done some weird things in the past, but the 52-year-old may have outdone himself recently.

The former NBA star decided to play a game during the Legends of Basketball Tour 2014 in Argentina, which doesn’t sound too unusual on the surface. However, Rodman played while dressed like a drag queen.

Words don’t do the picture justice.

The struggle has obviously overshadowed the show fans were treated to, including a number of long distance buckets made and Harlem Globetrotters-esque slam dunk exhibition. Still, most of the players are still rocking with The Worm because there is a steady paycheck involved.

Witness the Rodman’s latest cry for attention in the following pages as well as the video of the aforementioned dunk fest.

Photo: YouTube, Twitter/Sportando

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