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A well played Godzilla movie is very necessary, and it’s looking like Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have delivered. In the extended trailer for the forthcoming Godzilla film the size of the monster is gargantuan and the carnage looks epic. As it should be.

In the two and a half minute preview we learn more about the character Bryan Cranston (aka Heisenberg from Breaking Bad) portrays, Joe Brody. The frazzled man works in a nuclear power plant with his wife and is forced to make a hard decision that dooms her and will pretty much have him looking to end Godzilla by any means necessary.

Then there is a tsunami touching down on the shores of Hawaii wreaking havoc as everyone starts to panic, and that’s just because of the water. We get more glimpses of Godzilla, who treats military fighter jets like toy planes, and the monster’s immensity will probably have you rooting for him if you grew up watching the OG flicks.

Godzilla is in theaters May 16.  Watch the extended trailer below.

Photo: YouTube