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DJ Drizzle is a veteran in the art of spin, tracing his craft back to the days of Biggie and Pac. While he prefers not to hit the tables, this Ohio native supplies the streets with his Drizzle Mix mixtape series. Working alongside his Hitmen DJs fam, Drizzle tells us how he got his start and who’s next to blow in the new year.

Origin: Cincinnati, Ohio

Current Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Top Ten Playlist:

1.Timberland-Say Something

2.Roscoe Dash-Show Out

3.Beat Gang-Mr.Miyagi

4.CJ- Zone Money

5.B.O.B.-Nothing On You

6. Double D-That Loud

7.Waka Flocka-Hands

8. Gucci Mane- Think I’m In Love

9. Travis Porter- Bananas

10.Trey Songz- Neighbors Know My Name

HipHopWired: How’d you get started DJing?

DJ Drizzle: My uncle was a DJ and I was with him all the time, so I just took it from him and started DJing.

HipHopWired: So you’re uncle really influenced you to start DJing….

DJ Drizzle: Right.

HipHopWired: How old were you when you started?

DJ Drizzle: I was in middle school; I used to do all the little parties. Then I did it in high school and then college.

HipHopWired: And what college was that?

DJ Drizzle: The University of Iowa.

HipHopWired: Oh wow…what was it like DJing out there in Iowa?

DJ Drizzle: It was horrible. *Laughs* At that time that’s when Biggie and all them were blowing up but it was mostly a Midwest/ East Coast kind of flavor. I couldn’t tell you what it is now….

HipHopWired: Okay cool. So where do you DJ now on a regular basis?

DJ Drizzle: Well right now I’m working on mixtapes and and traveling with this group I promote from Cincinatti.

HipHopWired: Okay and are you still with the Hitmen DJs?

DJ Drizzle: Yeah.

HipHopWired: How’d you get started working with them?

DJ Drizzle: Judy Jones approached men and asked me if I was in any crews. I was playin g mostly southern music and she introduced me to Casper and ever since then…I’ve been with them.

HipHopWired: Cool, so I know you said you do a lot of mixtapes. What’s the last mixtape you put out?

DJ Drizzle: It was Drizzle Mix Vol. 20, I do a mixtape series. It’s all kinds of different songs, independent artists.

HipHopWired: And who are some of the independent artists you have on there?

DJ Drizzle: Lots of Waka Flocka, Jimmy Hennessey from Valdosta Georgia, CJ from Cleveland, J Money, Yung L.A….all them.

HipHopWired: What’s the next mixtape you’re putting out? Are you working on it right now?

DJ Drizzle: I just finished up the “You Got Waxed” mixtape. It’s gonna be with Travis Porter, Roscoe Dash and it’s with the DVD they put out.

HipHopWired: Okay and who are some other artists that you’re working with?

DJ Drizzle: I’m working with CJ from Hush Money out of Cleveland, Big Game out of Cincinnati and I help Casper with all the Zone 4 stuff like Keri Hilson and I’m helping him with Roscoe Dash too.

HipHopWired: So you’re doing your thing with mixtapes and artists but what else are you doing musically?

DJ Drizzle: I’m doing promotions and marketing, I’m consulting two labels out of Ohio.

HipHopWired: What lables?

DJ Drizzle: Amir Records and Hush Money and I get R.O.B. and Scant Dukes coming out in the spring.

HipHopWired: So what’s next for you? What are you looking to do in 2010?

DJ Drizzle: Hopefully we get Big Game a deal and we’ll be touring with them. I really wanna stay on the road, I like breaking new artists. That’s really what I’m trying to get more into.

HipHopWired: Okay any last words? Any shoutouts?

DJ Drizzle: The Midwest is next! *Laughs*

HipHopWired: *Laughs* Do you have any contact info you wanna give out for anyone looking to get in contact with you?

DJ Drizzle: [email protected]