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“He loved to smile,’’ Rasheed Daley, 28, said of his brother. “He was always a kid at heart.’’

Something as mild as a person on his/her way to work resulted in a senseless tragedy as a 22-year-old man was shot and killed.

With the incident occurring Saturday, the victim, Ramone Daley, was killed shortly after leaving his home in Dorchester to catch the bus as part of his commute to his job at Logan International Airport.

Shortly after leaving his mother, Ruth Daley, 57, stated that she heard gunshots and immediately called Ramone’s cellphone.

According to The Boston Globe, the response she received was grim and nothing she would have expected.

“ ‘Are you OK?’ I asked him,’’ she said. “He said ‘No, Mommy. I’m not OK.’ ’’

Daley had been shot by unknown suspect only steps from his home.  Sustaining multiple gunshot wounds, he was taken to Boston Medical Center, but he passed later that afternoon, according to Boston police.

“This is a senseless crime,’’ she said. “Our son did not offend anybody. He did not have qualms with anybody. He didn’t get involved with gangs or drugs.’’

The senseless murder of Daley was one of two homicides that occurred over the weekend as an Allston man was charged in connection with the death of a 23-year-old man from Roxbury following five people that had been stabbed in the early morning, according to authorities.

In total, this marks the eighth homicide in Boston this year alone, whereas the death toll had only been around five at this time.

Looking to show support for Daley and his family, a group of church goers from Greater Love Tabernacle Church gathered Sunday and issued a statement on the uprising of violence in Boston.

“We’re not going to act as if any murders are commonplace,’’ Pastor William E. Dickerson II said. “We all ought to be concerned, and we want the community to know that we will not accept random violence like this.’’

The country has come to a place in which the taking of a life, such as this instance, is looked act as being ordinary and nothing that is unexpected.  Such a mentality shows how dehumanized some residents have become, especially within the Black community, where a senseless death is looked at as being something routine and making the statement that people die every day out there.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the Daley family and hopefully there can be a stand so that another innocent victim like Ramone isn’t forced to be fearful of his/her life just leaving his/her home.