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The infamous #NasLost trending topping made a return to the Internets today, as Nas answered fan questions on Reddit and Twitter. The Queensbridge rapper is a man of many talents, but let Twitter tell it, anything requiring technological proficiency isn’t one of them.

An image of Nas manning a MacBook (while looking clueless according to some) was the catalyst for the latest royal roast session. Like always, one nitpicking comment became a communal affair that birthed many slanderous jokes, low blow comments, and the like. And to think that this harmless tweet started it all.

Give the Internets a foot, and they’ll gladly take a mile. Also, you folks have to chill.

In the gallery on the following pages, you’ll find the top 15 images that we came across. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

Photo: Nas/Twitter

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