1. Yaris Sanchez

There was a time when every wannabe video vixen aspired to be like Yaris Sanchez. Even though she looks like Lilo from Lilo & Stitch in the face, many a Hip-Hop honey wanted Yaris’s Build-a-Bear body and rhyme-spitter dance card. Alas, all that glitters isn’t gold, and once it became obvious that Yaris merely adapts to the personality of the music man she’s dating at the time (when she was with Lloyd Banks, she was the Complete Bronx Fishwife; she starts in with Joe Budden, and she becomes The Real House-Hoe of Bergen County; now, she’s with Ab-Soul, & she’s become an Crunchy Granola Folkie Earth Mother; if she ever dated a rock’n’roll guy, she’d probably become a Motley Crue fan & start throwing the goat…), she started looking less like wifey material and more like Stepford Wifey material. No bueno.

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