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When in doubt, “Ask Rick Ross.” That’s the premise of a new Rolling Stone relationship column that the magazine announced some months ago.

Now, readers can get free advice from rapper and apparent relationship guru Rick Ross. One question is from a man whose girlfriend has expensive taste, despite his lack of funds. Ross replied, “Depends on how much she’s really worth to you, Chris. Is she quenching your desires?” He continued, “If she is, just tell her ‘Hey girl, I’m working at the car wash right now, so I can’t  spend all that money. What I can do is spend these special moments with you.’ Some bullsh*t like that.”

Pure pimping, is that you?

First, to say that this is hilarious is an understatement. Next, it’ll be entertaining to see how long Rolling Stone will run this feature. See Rick Ross’ first batch of responses on the following page.

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