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It should come as no surprise that Los Angeles to want to get in on the discussion when it comes to police brutality.

The New York Police Department saw a social media experiment go horribly wrong when they asked the general public to offer up their most vivid memories of interacting with their boys in blue. Instead of the lovey-dovey pictures they used to try to stir things up with, the world counterattacked with graphic pics of numerous instances when the NYPD weren’t exactly serving and protecting their citizens.

Not to say there is a first-place winner to be had, but the Los Angeles Police Department is instantly recognized for their moments of controversy. Most recently, two cops skated away without consequence in January for the killing of a mentally ill homeless man, and no one living at the time can forget the 1990’s riots that spawned from Rodney King’s injustice in court.

Check out the gallery of the gawdful #myLAPD photos Twitter users came up with. Was it worse than the #myNYPD? Let us know in the comments.

Photo: Twitter

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