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Pusha T stepped into the Larry King Now arena to discuss the two most political topics that surface within Hip-Hop culture: homosexuality and usage of the n-word.

As the walls of prejudice for gay rights continue to steady crumble in the United States, gay rappers of the subdued ilk and more flamboyant nature have all dived headfirst into Hip-Hop gene pool, expanding its variety.

Larry King posed the question to the forward-thinking Def Jam rapper, expectantly implying a “star,” and alluded to homosexuality being “10 percent of the population.” The former Clipse member pondered for a second and was diplomatic with his response saying, “At this time I feel like the gay and homosexual ‘coming out party’ is just not that important anymore. I don’t think we care–if the music was good.”

Although, it is not entirely true that the formal “coming out” step in a gay person’s life isn’t a big deal. Hollywood has seen stars such as Jodie Foster and Ellen Page all reveal their sexual preference without a ton of fanfare, hinting that the social acceptance has taken big strides than say, a decade ago.

Switching gears to a more racial platform, Mr. King asked King Push his thoughts on the NFL’s proposed ban of the n-word during gameplay. Star cornerback Richard Sherman voiced his strong opinion in disfavor of the ruling, but Pusha was in more of agreement with the league, seeing that the continued allowing of the word could potentially expose America to an unsolicited glimpse into his world.

“I use it [the n-word] and anyone gets my music, it’s a conscious decision to buy it, hear it and so forth. But I don’t necessarily want to hear the n-word on the instant replay cam as I’m watching the game,” he admits.

Pusha also admitted that the term still comes with a double standard when using the controversial word around his peers opposed to the general public walking down the street.

Peep the full interview below and see if your thought process agrees with Pusha’s and flip through the gallery for Ora TV’s candid shots of the two Kings conversing.

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