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“Please help me.  You promise you will help me?”

As most have come to know to dial 911 in case of emergency, a call from a traumatized young girl, while her mother lay wounded was in vain as the operator didn’t seem to stress the urgency of the situation or cater to the girl’s circumstances.

With her mom dying in the basement from a gunshot wound, her 8-year-old daughter attempted to call for help when she dialed 911.

In an attempt to send help, the operator tried to have the distraught child locate any type of address so that she knew where to send needed aid.

Asking to speak with her mother, the girl replied:

“No, she’s…she’s almost dead.  MOMMY!!!  I’ve got the police on the phone…MOMMY, tell me, I’ve got the police on the phone…come here,” yelled the frantic girl.

With the operator becoming increasingly frustrated with the child, she finally came to realize that the girl’s mother had been shot and the only people there, unharmed, was the child and her 6-year-old sister.

It was not until four minutes into the call until the operator stated that she was sending help and learned that there was a double shooting as the mother’s boyfriend had also been shot and had already died.

Probably shocked at the discovery of the shootings, the operator then disconnected from the call and left the girl on the phone alone.

Authorities are now investigating the dispatcher as authorities are stating that they weren’t too comfortable with the demeanor of the dispatcher and adding that there wasn’t enough emphasis placed on getting an emergency vehicle there as soon as possible.

Reports add that the call was made from a cell phone which made it harder to track the exact location, whereas a landline would have made it easier to find the address.

The call was made shortly after two men opened fire inside the home, according to Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans.  Derrick Smith, 42, and another suspect are responsible for the murder of the girl’s mother, Monica Botello, and a man, Purcell Carson.

Further reports show that the girl and her little sister were in the house during the shooting, but they were not witness to it.

There is now a warrant for first-degree murder out for Smith.  In 2007, he was released from prison after serving time for kidnapping and robbery charges.

The male victim, Carson, had served a bid for a drug offense and was in jail with Smith, which would show that the suspect had connections with the victim.

Check below for the phone call that the girl made to 911: