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A Bishop in Chicago and other anti-drug supporters are calling for a ban on “blunt wraps”, a type of tobacco leaf paper often used to roll marijuana.

Bishop Larry Trotter, the head of Sweet Holy Spirit Church, brought examples of the blunt wraps to church Sunday and spoke against them saying,

“We need to stop people from bringing things and making them available to our children and making them drug addicts….Having this product in mainstream stores is like having drug pushers in our neighborhoods. Blunt wraps are an indefensible product marketed to children and entirely identified with illegal drug use.”

Trotter plans to circulate a petition to pass on to politicians in hopes of getting an anti-blunt law in place.

Until then he’s calling for local convenience stores to stop the sales of the illegitimately used products.

Ehhh….an anti-blunt law?

Too much or just enough?