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An inmate in a Tennessee prison is seeing dollar signs after a winning a settlement against a prison guard who ripped out his gold teeth causing him permanent injuries.

Anthony McCoy was brought to the Davidson County jail in Tennessee for failure to pay child support.

While serving his time Lieutenant Tanya Mayhew asked him to take out the gold teeth in his mouth.

When McCoy told the woman that he couldn’t because they were permanent, she reached into his mouth and removed them by hand for him.

David Raybin, the attorney for McCoy says his client was,

“Spitting out teeth and blood in a trash can then told to get back in line.”

Raybin also says that the enamel was ripped from four of Anthony’s teeth and he was only given Tylenol for medical treatment until 10 days later when a dentist was called.

McCoy needed $10,000 in dental work for his mangled mouth and the lieutenant was demoted and suspended for five days because of the incident.

The state of Tennessee will pay McCoy $95,000 in damages.

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