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Adding to an ever growing reputation of “Uncle Tom-ness,” Michael Steele managed to inject more racism into an event that was already heavily influenced by its presence. Appearing at the Young Republican convention, the same event that saw the less than subtle racist Audra Shay be elected to the groups’ presidency, the chairman of the Republican National Committee revealed his rock solid plan of bringing people that have long been persecuted and ridiculed, minorities, into the Republican Party.

“My plan is to say y’all come, cause a lot of you are already here. I got the fried chicken and potato salad!,” adding a level of coonery that only the most ignorant and idiotic of Black people can summon.

After his world famous jigaboo impression, the top Republican conversed inarticulately, spouting incorrect facts in between gibberish, with but one truth in all that was said. Though hard to believe in its current form, he mentioned that the Republican party was founded by abolitionists and was once the party of freedom and racial tolerance, and served as the party of choice for Black people until the 1930’s.

It should be noted that not all of Steele’s recent moves have been bad. In a moment of greater intellectual clarity, the leader of the Republican Party revealed that he sincerely desired to start a dialogue with the NAACP, having already felt that the two organizations have missed opportunities in the past to converse with one another.

Addressing a sizeable, spirited crowd in New York City at the NAACP’s annual convention, the first Black head of the Republican National Committee expressed his commitment to forging a relationship with the famous civil-rights based organization. The NAACP, which will be having a centennial celebration later this week, also invited President Obama to speak at their convention. He is scheduled to appear on Thursday.