Trick Daddy Goes In On Officer Ricky Ross


Miami’s original “Boss” is gearing to release his eight album Finally Famous on September 15th. Breaking away from his long time label Slip-N-Side and Atlantic Records, this time Trick Daddy is controlling his own destiny now as Finally Famous will be released on his own label Dunk Ryders. Trick stated:

“I look at it like this, Finally Famous, I got my own record label situation, I got my publishing situation correct. With my independent deal, I’m gonna eat better than a lot of the average artist does these days. I make my own input and make my own decisions as a CEO this time.”

Trick also revealed that he wanted to go the independent route two albums ago, but with the success of 2004’s Thug Matrimony, he decided not to rock the boat. But after Back By Thug Demand (2006) was released, he decided a change was needed.

“You go from four videos and four singles to two singles and two videos. To one video and not even one magazine cover,” he said about his situation with Slip-N-Slide/ Atlantic.

“Then you’re selling out at the store and your homeboy is excited. But when you sell out in stores, they ain’t got enough product. Something ain’t right. That means you missing out on money. My last album sales and marketing setup was so terrible, it got so bad that the stores wasn’t receiving the records they ordered. While we’re waiting for them to sell the records, they were waiting for us to send them.”

Trick also seems pissed at his one-time “Lil Homey” and takes a few shots at “Officer” Ricky Ross on the mixtape warmer, “This Tha Life.” On the track he spits:

“I’ll shoot up your whole little set/ Wet up your ’04 Maybach/ No flaws, if it’s a problem/ Miami Gardens, they gon’ hear that./ None of that click clack, you taking them pot shots with.”

Responding to the alleged remarks Big William Roberts (Rick Ross) has made towards Trick this past year including making fun of Trick suffering from the disease Lupus, Miami’s real thug added:

“I had to go in and address a few things on that record. It’s a cut throat game, cut throat world for that matter, but I’m going to keep riding. I also have another song on there called ‘Bi&%h A*s Ni**as.’ I’m sure there are a lot of bi%$h ni**as that you know. Everybody has had some type of encounters with a b*^ch a*s ni**a. These guys have no morals, no values, practice no type of ethics.”

In addition to reclaiming his thrown as Miami’s mayor, T Double D recently shot his first ever film, a drama called Just Another Day.

“It’s got a lot of the actors that’s gonna be big time starring in it,” adds Trick Daddy. “It features a lot of the guys from The Wire. It’s an intricate movie based around Hip-Hop and it deals with Miami too. It’s going to be a good movie. What attracted me to being in the film was the challenge of starting another phase in my career. I’ve consistently made hit records, I’ve made records that are hood classic without any radio play, but I’ve always wanted to try my hand at acting. I received a quality script with a great opportunity to play an interesting character, so why not?”

The first two singles from Finally Famous will be “This Is the Shyte That I Live” and “Why They Jock.”