It is no secret that The Game has had more than a few brushes with the boys in blue over the years. From weapon’s charges to drug possession, Jayceon Taylor has not met a law, or a cop, that he has liked yet. Thus far, his police stigma has been contained to stateside offenses, but in an effort to reach out to his fans across the pond, the Compton heavyweight could potentially wet his voracious criminal appetite and by expanding his list of offenses to include a few choice international infractions. It would seem the raucous rapper is due for a run in with the law while performing overseas, which is a possibility that one Oceanic nation is not willing to leave to chance.

Rotorua is a sleepy hollow of a town located within the picturesque shores of New Zealand, a popular tourist destination rich in history and unique culture. Home to some of the most friendly people in the world, city officials are known to go beyond the call of duty to welcome every visitor that finds themselves among the denizens of their fair city; that is, everyone except The Game.

Displeased and visibly distressed over a forthcoming concert of which the King of the West is the featured performer, Rotorua police officers have vowed to keep more than a watchful eye on the mischievous rapper during his stay in their fair city. According to New Zealand’s Daily Post, local authorities are have vowed to organize a special “operation,” of which no purpose or goal has been clarified yet, as well as significantly increase the shear police presence on the day of Game’s performance.

“I understand concerns of a lot of people. We know from experience having these sorts of performers is not helpful in terms of community safety. His message is a very bad one. He is certainly not someone I would be promoting as a role model for our young people,” asserted police commander Bruce Horne.

The August 15th concert has many New Zealanders in a tizzy, citing the Compton MC’s boasting of being a member of the notorious Bloods street gang, negative music, and rabble rousing persona as reasons for the concert to be cancelled, but not everyone shares in their sentiments. The Australian promoter that organized the event called the rapper a “positive role model for youth.” He also revealed that The Game has plans to visit as many local high schools as possible during his stay on the island.

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