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“Me and Tony [Starks] been talking about it; we gonna make it happen,” -RZA

As Ghosftace Killah, Method Man and Raekwon carried the Wu Tang flag with their respective albums back in 2009, the bar was raised exponentially with the recent release of the trios collaborative Wu Massacre.

The repeated released must have lit a fire under producer RZA, as he has made the statement that a new album from the Wu Tang Clan is on the way.

While Ironman was promoting the Clan’s recent release, RZA called in to speak on the future of the Wu and mentioned a new project that is in the process.

“We got a lot of ideas we building on, [just] taking it day by day, step by step. But right now the energy is right, and anything is possible with energy.”

After the reception to 8 Diagrams, a do over is definitely needed from the Wu camp with everyone on the same page.

On a side not, going from the handling of Wu Massacre by Def Jam, the group might want to weigh out their options before officially starting the project in order to avoid any unnecessary problems that could arise as a result of dealing with the record labels.