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A Minnesota man is in police custody after they say he stabbed his wife to death in the head and chest 70 times in front of two of their children.

46-year-old Billy Nash fatally stabbed his wife Pauline Nash before one of their six children intervened, grabbing the knife from him and running away.

A week before killing his wife, he was charged with misdemeanor assault for slapping, kicking and dragging his wife by the hair for not wanting to have sex with him.

A judge released Nash however on terms that he would not have contact with her.

He violated that order just a week later, arguing with the woman about money and ultimately stabbing her to death.

The couple’s daughter 18-year-old Brittany Nash says she awoke to hear her mother’s terrified screams Friday around 3 a.m.

When she ran to help, she found her father attacking her mother and dialed 911 while her 13-year-old sister stepped in, grabbing the knife and running away.

When police arrested Nash they report that he told a sergeant,

“I’m sorry, sergeant, that you had to come here tonight for this…She was driving me crazy….I killed the b*%$#.”

He’s facing charges of first degree murder which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison.

SMH…..they can’t just put him under the jail?