Two women in England were arrested Saturday after officials say they brought a corpse to the airport in a wheelchair and sunglasses in an attempt to smuggle it onto the plane.

Gitta Jarant and her daughter Anke Anusic were taken into custody at the Liverpool airport for sitting the dead body of 91-year-old Kurt Willi Jarant in a wheelchair wearing sunglasses and pushing his lifeless body around the airport claiming that he was sleeping.

Officials believe that the women were trying to smuggle the body onto a flight to Berlin to bury him in Germany.

The women were arrested on charges of failure to give notification of death but claim that this all just misunderstanding.

66-year-old Gitta claims that she had no idea her husband was dead and told The Daily Mail that she thought he was only sleeping while she pushed him around the airport with his stepdaughter Anke.

She also says that he was wearing sunglasses because “he had an unsightly eye and they did not want fellow travelers staring at him.”

A medical examiner says the man had been dead for at least 24 hours.

Kurt Willi Jarant

This sounds like something out of movie, crazy!