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A Yonkers man was arrested by local police after he slashed a German shepherd because it was racist.

According to 58-year-old Andrew Owens, Jenna the German shepherd only barked at minorities and bit him in the past because of his race.

When the dog began barking at him on Tuesday, Owens reportedly became so furious that he took out a nine inch knife and slashed the dog across the face.

The dog was reportedly cut from the right eye down to the eye socket bone.

The dog lost an eye because of the incident and was hospitalized.

What’s especially interesting about the incident is the reaction from the owner Paul Tocco. He concurs with Owens and says the dog has an issue with people who are not white.

He tells The LoHud,

“The dog reacts to black people, Hispanics, anyone who is not white. She always barked at him. He (Owens) was well aware the dog didn’t like him, and he knew to stay away from her.”

Owens now faces a felony aggravated cruelty charge.

Soooo was the dog trained not to like minorities or is that just a quaint coincidence?