Florida police have 63-year-old Munawar Toha in custody after reviewing surveillance footage they say shows him pushing his wife’s car into a lake with her dead body inside.

Toha’s wife Surya Sari-Prihatin had been missing for two weeks before he held a press conference for reporters begging his wife to come.

Police became suspicious at the conference however noticing how erratically he was behaving.

After sobbing to the media saying, “Your children miss you, please come home,” Toha composed himself a little too quickly for the police’s liking.

Coral Springs Det. Scott Myers told reporters that they his body language is what ultimately gave him away.

“His body language and his actions were not consistent with a grieving husband who just lost his wife,” said. “From the beginning of the investigation we’ve been interested in him.”

Toha was arrested after police acted on a hunch and checked surveillance footage of a nearby warehouse.

The footage shows a man, believed to be Toha, pull up in the woman’s missing silver Daewoo.

The man then gets a bike out of the car and drives the vehicle into the lake.

Check out ABC’s coverage below.

Thank goodness that caught this bold psycho.

Those poor kids.

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