The relatives of a Chicago high school student are seeking justice after she was videotaped being severely beaten by a group of her classmates so badly that her hair was ripped out of her scalp.

Bogan High School sophomore Satiya McBee says she was attacked by a group of girls from school Monday on a Chicago Transit Authority bus. The video shows the girl being pounded in the face while one attacker latches onto her hair and won’t let go.

McBee’s grandfather D.W. McBee is outraged that the girls responsible have not been punished.

He tells NBC that student on student violence is common and that he and other parents have reached out to the school principal.

“It’s sad. I hate it, not only because of my daughter, but for lots of more children being victimized like this by students on buses and at school.”

NBC reports that Bogan High School principal Kenneth McNeal has yet to comment on the incident and has referred all calls to the Chicago Public Schools.

The girl’s attackers are believed to call themselves the “Lady Mob” and consist of about 30 girls that often pick fights with other students.

The CTA is also investigating the incident.

Check out the disturbing footage below.