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We told you Godzilla was worth your attention span and the box-office results are in to prove its monster appeal. Not only did the Gareth Edwards film top this past weekend’s box-office with a tally of $93.2 million, it also had the largest opening weekend of any monster-related film.

According to USA TODAY and Rentrak, the new Godzilla “stomped out” its initial predictions and went on to destroy the numbers set by 1997’s The Lost World: Jurassic Park. It also went on to become the reigning champ for single-day ticket sales in 2014, thanks to an incredible Friday night (May 16).

Hip-Hop Wired recently attended a Q&A session with director Gareth Edwards and producer Thomas Tull and their affection towards working on the project proves why its a critical and commercial success from jump.

“It was always the golden rule that it wouldn’t just be Godzilla on his own just smashing the city,” Edwards said. “The best journeys for films to have is for characters to have a 180 turn with your opinions of them.” Tull was also in agreement saying, “It was an amazing privilege to be able to do this and we came out from a fan’s perspective. But I hoped the people like the movie as much as we did making it.”

Aside from ensuring that the special effects and actors came correct, there was still a bit of consideration towards the film’s reality aesthetic that the filmmakers had to tread lightly on. In this instance, it was the 2011 earthquakes and tsunami that had to be carefully touched on without digging into old wounds.

“We were on location when the [2011 Japan] tsunami happened and we debated, ‘maybe we shouldn’t set in Japan or deal with radiation’ or anything of the sort,” Edwards explained. It was an ongoing conversation and we talked with a lot of people; a lot of Japanese people and afterwhile the general consensus was the original 1954 movie’s point was an opportunity to reflect the period that made it. As long as we did it respectfully and we found it appropriate to acknowledge some of those issues.”

Godzilla stars Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Richard T. Jones, Victor Rasuk and more. Do yourself a solid and go see it.

As an additional bonus, jump over to the next page to check an interview the good people over at Lossip did with Rasuk, who plays an Air Force infantryman.

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