“[Alchemist] you already know me ALAN, don’t get ya teeth knocked out !!! then you can Snooze 4 real!”

Apparently, Jay Rock isn’t the only artist that might not be sitting too well with Game’s recent freestyle, “400 Bars”

Producer Alchemist seemed less than impressed when hearing the long track and took to twitter to express his feelings.

“400 bars=snooze. Less is more.”

According to the producer, his opinion didn’t sit too well with some of those that keep themselves affiliated with the rapper.

“I just got jumped by 75 bloods at the 7-11. thanx alot [Game].

Their recording history spans back to 2004 as they worked together for Alc’s album 1st Infantry on the song “Dead Bodies,” which featured then-fellow G-Unit artist Prodigy.

Guess it’s true that money can breed more enemies than friends in this business.  With the battle lines being drawn, Game seems to always be on the receiving end of the hate, but he’s always ready to fight back.

Is Alchemist right, did anyone feel “400 Bars” was too long and boring over the same production 20 minutes straight?

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