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“They calling right now trying to figure out how to get the boy back in the building.”

Once a person finds that their “trash” is actually a treasure, they will leap mighty bounds in order to get back what they had.

According to G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks, his return, and the positive reception, has stirred his old offices of Interscope Records and they are trying to get the rapper back on the team.

Contemplating making the move back, Banks stated that the only way he could leave the independent route and move back in who be if the label issued an apology and made it known that they would never doubt him again.

During an interview with radio personality Cosmic Kev, the PLK spoke more on what he expects from Interscope.

“They have to drop the apology bag first. You can drop that bag and say, ‘I’m sorry. I will never ever doubt you again.’ That’s just a contract to talk. So it’s still not solidified. Then I might just take it and go get a little drop and something.”

Sounds a lot like that ego from 50 Cent has rubbed off on Banks, but in a revolving industry, an artist must know his/her worth and not accept whatever is thrown his/her way.