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The state of Ohio executed a serial rapist Tuesday despite his claims that he was violently allergic to the drug administered through lethal injection.

46-year-old Darryl Durr was convicted of raping and killing a 16-year-old girl in 1988. The court ruled that he kidnapped and raped 16-year-old Angel Vincent before strangling her with a dog chain and hiding her body.

After being sentenced to death by lethal injection, attorneys for Durr claimed that he suffered an allergy to anesthesia which he would be given in large amounts to stop his heart beat.

The state countered those claims saying that there was lack of evidence of his allergy and the worst effect would be death from low blood pressure and impaired breathing, effects that are irrelevant considering that he was facing capital punishment.

At the time of his lethal injection Durr reportedly grimaced, clenched his fists and held his head up before succumbing to the drug and lowering it.

Executioners are unsure whether he was in pain or just reacting emotionally to his imminent death.

Was Ohio wrong for executing him despite his “allergy?”

He showed no mercy to his victim so why should they?