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Two Maryland women are citing discrimination after being denied a job due to their dreadlocks.

According to published reports, Janet Bello and Jackie Sherrill were denied employment at the Six Flags theme park in Largo, MD after the women refused to cut their hair to fit company standards.

According to Bello, she applied for a part time job with the amusement park and was advised that due to new appearance regulations put in place by the theme park, her hair disqualified her from employment.

“I think it’s outrageous, and I really think it’s sad.” Bello said in an interview with ABC 7, “I think Six Flags can literally (excuse my French) go to hell.”

Sherrill, who was employed at the theme park last year, states that she was excited when the theme park asked her to return to work  but the excitement turned to shock when they advised her that in order to resume employment she would have to cut her hair.

Since the issue appeared in the press, Six Flags issued a statement saying:

“Six Flags enforces a conservative grooming policy across all parks. The policy does not permit certain hairstyles such as variations in hair colors, dreadlocks, partially shaved heads, tails, and hairstyles that impair vision. Braided hair is allowed but must be in neat, even rows and without beads or other ornaments.”

SMH.  Wow this is getting crazy about people’s hair. With all of the attacks and discrimination against dreads, you would think it was a crime to go natural.

At press time, there was no word from either camp whether a lawsuit would be filed regarding the matter.