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“If he reads this, he would be very angry at me. He’s not going to ever give me anything.”

As producer Scott Storch continues to repair his life and place himself back into the driver’s seat, family issues are starting to build on his plate.

Joyce Yolanda Storch, mother of the producer, has come into the public eye to express her disappointment and make claims of her son’s lack of financial support for the family.

Isn’t the man still trying to recover from a drug addiction?  It’s called breathing space people.

Speaking with The Miami New Times, the mother of the producer elaborated on promises not kept by her son.

“Scott always told me he had plans to do certain things for the family.  But then I guess things got bad before he got around to it. I read about all these other rappers’ mothers — P. Diddy’s mother, Kanye West’s mother, Jay-Z’s mother. Their sons all took care of them,” Joyce Storch said of her son.

The producer has yet to issue a statement to the claims and actually canceled his initial participation in the interview after the paper refused to remove the references to his mother.

Before going through his own personal demons and dealing with addiction, Storch was one of the premier producers in the music industry, creating hits for Beyonce, 50 Cent and Chris Brown.

With his net worth accumulating to $70 million, around 2006, things came crashing down and everything he built seemed to crumble as he battled his addiction.

Since his return, Storch produced the single “Shutterbug” for Big Boi’s album Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty and has re-linked with Dr. Dre to help in creating Detox.